5 APPS To Help You Relax

Updated: Sep 4

Do you sometimes feel anxious, or are you experiencing negative impacts to your life as a result of anxiety? Consider that in addition to working with a mental health professional, there are many tools that you can use. These tools include apps.

There are several apps now available that may empower you as you cope and manage from day to day. While there are many apps, including those from evidence-based treatment platforms, there are also those that an individual who may not have access to a mental health professional can use. Additionally, these apps can serve as a compliment to ongoing therapy or even as a means of support after concluding treatment.

Below, are 5 apps which you may wish to become familiar with. *These apps are provided in no particular order.

Insight Timer (Free)

Breathwrk (Free)

Headspace (Free Trial)

Calm (Free Trial)

Color Therapy (Social Coloring App)

Everyday apps, such as those above, can become important tools in your personal development and mental wellness tool box. Remember, "repetition is the mother of skill." With daily use of these and other tools, you can support yourself as you remain or even regain a sense of calm. Sometimes, simply having the knowledge that you have tools to cope and that you know how to use them, can make all the difference in the world. Using apps to learn new skills and habituate to them along with the belief that you can take care of yourself can oftentimes abate feelings of stress or anxiety before they arise. Consider reviewing these and trying them individually until you find one from the above list or another app that works for you! Or, you can look for other blog posts where I will share and explore other techniques and strategies to promote your overall health and wellness as you take this journey with me and evolve into the best version of you! Here we go!!

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