Fall is a Perfect Time to...Fall in Love with Yourself!

As the days get shorter after Labor Day signals the unofficial end to summer, we often begrudgingly accept the monotony of our day to day routine. We return to the rise and grind mode, fueling ourselves with the coffee and carbs, as we race to get the kids to school and ourselves behind our desk. We fight the urge to sleep or mentally drift off throughout the day. At lunch, we forage for more carbs and cola and slump around 2 PM. At the end of our work day, we commute home yet forget how we got there. If we work from home and don't have the commute home to save us, we wish we could disappear! We're back in the program, the beginning of the rut.

So, how do you have a different relationship with fall this year and create the type of momentum that will make your new year's resolutions finally feel attainable? What if I told you it starts with shifting the momentum to the fall season, well before New Year's Eve! Falling into new habits around self-love, self-care and time management, will propel you into success beyond the first month of the New Year. Through the next series of blog posts, we will explore self-love, self-care and time management. Check back each week.

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